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Judges and Stewards

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Other Volunteer Info

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Successfully judging a competition requires both fantastic stewards, and passionate judges. We have written brief descriptions of these roles in their sections below. We have compiled a set of judging instructions based on past experience. Please review it prior to the competition.


Passionate BJCP judges are the center of every homebrew competition, and are the ones filling out the scoresheets, sharing their feedback with the entrants, and ultimately deciding the winners. At minimum, we require all judges to have at least passed the BJCP Online Entrance Exam. New judges will be paired with experienced judges to encourage mentorship.

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Stewards are the lifeblood of every judging day and are the reason that things moving. They support the judges and making sure they have everything they need to do their job. This includes: stocking the table (glasses, scoresheets, etc..), managing the entries, and keeping the paperwork up to date.

This is a fantastic learning opportunity because stewards have a front row seat to listen to the judges discuss entries and to learn from their experience. When time allows, stewards are encouraged to taste along with the judges as a practical palate training exercise. After volunteering, many stewards are inspired to go on and become judges themselves.

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